Get Your Ex Back With Some Psychological Tricks

Using tricks to get your ex back can be a good idea or a bad idea. The idea is to get your ex to re-think what they have been thinking about you after breaking up and for them to come back to you on there own. Of course this can be abused by taking the psychological factor too far by lying or tricking them in the real sense of the word. Really all you are doing is getting them to be re-interested in you. Check out this video for some tips.

Do you think you are capable of trying these techniques? If you have already broke up and would like to get back together with your ex why not give it a try?

10 Relationship Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Don't Make These 10 Relationship Breakup Mistakes Ever

Don't Make These 10 Relationship Breakup Mistakes Ever
By Makoo L.

Have you just experienced a relationship breakup? Have you been making major mistakes that could be a relationship killer that you must stop doing immediately? Check out this list of items that you may very well be unknowingly doing. If you are guilty of any of these things you must stop now as they are bad for your relationships now and in the future.

1. Do you treat your girl great no matter how bad she treats you? Now this may work occasionally but in the long-term this strategy will fail. You will be losing your self- respect and if your girl does take you back she will have lost respect for you also knowing she can walk all over you and get away with it.

2. Displaying neediness in a relationship is a relationship killer. Showing neediness is not attractive and again you tend to lose any respect from your partner. You may think it shows you really love them or you may do it because you lack confidence in the relationship. Whatever the reason be careful being needy.

3. Do you lose your temper or are you cool, calm and collective? If you tend to lose your cool or have a bad temper you need to learn how to control it. Just flying off the handle at anything that just does not seem right to you not only is a relationship killer but your friends get tired of it also. There is a time and place to lose your temper but you must not just do it haphazardly.

Your partner may take advantage of your temper and turn your emotions on and off just to mess with you. To avoid this be in control of your emotional state and choose which emotions to display and at the correct times.

4. Doing this next thing may sound backwards but it is what you must do. Stop trying to make contact with your ex partner after breaking up. This means by phone, text messages, email and especially in person. You should even avoid talking to their friends at this point to avoid any controversy.

5. Do not be afraid to date others. If your ex finds out you are dating, this will get their interest because they want to know who you are dating, and it will make them jealous. They may not be dating anyone themselves and if they find out you are not just sitting home doing nothing it will get their curiosity level maxed out.

Now having said that you do not want to go out and date someone to use it as a weapon against your ex. The person you are dating will be pretty upset if they find out you used them. You should also not flaunt that you are dating someone else; you want to keep it quite and let them find out second-hand.

6. Letting the relationship breakup dominate your life to the point you cannot do anything. You cannot let it make you feel like the world is coming to an end, it's not. You only broke up with someone and you will either get back with them at some point or move on with your life.

If you let the breakup dominate your life you will suffer emotionally and financially because it could hinder your job. Whether you decide to get your ex back or not get out and enjoy your life.

7. If you have no clear-cut plan to handle your breakup you are going to make all the wrong moves. Do not try to go it alone or just wing it, you will make some mistakes that are going to make your situation worse.

Having a good plan will help you focus on making the right moves for the best success. Do some research to find the best tactics that can work for your particular situation.

8. Failing to keep in touch with family and friends because you are waiting for your ex to come back. Keep in touch with them and go out with your friends and enjoy yourself, but do not talk about your ex. Have fun and you will recover from the breakup faster.

9. If you do not have a plan to deal with the emotional aspects of the breakup you will suffer. Going through a breakup can be very difficult for some. It is painful emotionally and if not controlled it will control you. Learn how to handle a breakup from one of the many resources available so you can survive intact.

10. Your partner gives you a reason they are breaking up with you, but the reasons they give are not really it. They most likely will not tell you the truth about why they are leaving you and you mistakenly act on those reasons. The reasons a person leaves their partner is almost always the same for every relationship, your partner just does not want to be up front with you and makes an excuse.

Heed these tips and try to avoid making the mistake. If you want to get your ex back find a great resource that will give a road map to follow to help you achieve your goal without trying to reinvent the wheel.

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Why Are You Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

The most common thing that most people will experience after an unexpected break up is the desperation to get their ex back. If this is you, you are hurting and experiencing the pain the break up caused. You may feel like getting back with your ex will make the pain go away.

Maybe, but hold that thought!

Before you start making out a plan of action, think about why you really want to get your ex back and if it is the right move. This could be a kneejerk reaction to your situation but it does not mean it is your best option. If you are planning on getting your ex back make it for the right reasons.

Why do you want to get your ex back?

What is it about your ex that makes them so desirable you want to get back with them? This is a legitimate question that must be asked of your self. Just being in love with them is not enough, there must be more to it. Be sure it is the best thing for you.

What is it you really want?

Have you thought about what you want not only from a relationship but in your life I general? You could have been making plans for the future together with your ex but those plans can change. Does your planned future excite you? How about your ex- does this person excite you?

Maybe you have been so busy planning the future for the two of you; your own future plans may have been ignored. Take the time to sit down and decide what you want in you’re your personal future before you start to get your ex back to you.

Are you a good match together?

The last question you should ask can be the most difficult. Are the two of you really a good match? Is life great when you are together and can you bring out the best in each other? Or do you wish your ex was busy doing something else so you have time to your self more often than not.

While these questions are not difficult to answer they are very important. After reviewing your answers you feel your ex is the one for you then it is time to plan on getting them back. Do some research to find the right tools to help you be successful in your task.

A Simple Way Of Saving Your Relationship

Relationships are great as long as everything is going good. You feel content and the possibility of a relationship problem does not even cross your mind. But unfortunately there is the chance it can go bad no matter how you feel about it.

What we are referring to is the relationship break up. When it happens you will feel terrible. If you have just experienced a break up then you know what this feeling is. No matter if it happened suddenly or you knew it was coming, you feel just the same. But regardless of how it happened you want to know if you can save this relationship.

Before you panic trying to figure out how to get your guy or girl back know that most relationships can be saved. The thing is you must follow methods that have been proven to work for others. In addition you must be willing to do what it takes to make it work for you.

What Does it Take to Get Your Ex Back

You are going to have good days and bad so do not let it overwhelm you. In the beginning it’s alright to feel bad about your situation but you will have to move on. You will need to be able to focus on clearing your head so you can take on the task of saving your relationship.

As difficult as it may seem you will have to keep your goal in sight. Determine what went wrong to cause the break up. You will have to dig deep to find the root of the cause and you may find you are at fault. Regardless, try to look past the little things to see what really is behind it.

You may think the arguing was the cause of the trouble but in reality the arguing is only a symptom of a bigger issue. You must find out what that issue is so you can fix it.

Find the Real Reason for Breaking Up

After you learn what the real issue is then you can get to work fixing it. Your choices on how to handle this is to fix them, forgive them or just ignore them. It all will be dependent on your situation and how it will impact the two of you if you got back together.

You should probably ignore the smaller problems that don’t really mean much. If the problem affects how the two of you interact then that should be the priority to fix. Do not be concerned with problems that have only came up once or twice.

It will be up to you and your ex to decide what is best for you. If you follow these steps you will be going in the right direction to get back with your ex again. It will take some effort but keep in mind sometimes the best things in life take some extra work.